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United HealthCare Urgent Care West Hills

united healthcare west hills

At West Hills Urgent Care, our team of doctors is committed to helping patients treat immediate medical problems.  Our integrated financial policy minimizes the complexities of financing medical care so you can experience advanced treatments without complications.  We welcome numerous insurance plans and financing options, including United Healthcare.

Patients covered by United Healthcare can elect to receive medical services while managing their medical financing plans.  Various options are available to insured patients.  These include:

  • Advanced Financial Planning
  • Account Management
  • Low Monthly Premiums
  • Copayment

You have the option of opening a savings account to manage your medical bills.  By paying only a yearly deductible for your family, you can improve the management and planning of your health care costs.

West Hills Urgent Care is dedicated to creating a high quality environment for care, our experience is augmented for patients covered by plans such as United Healthcare.  We provide treatments for various medical conditions and fields, these include sports injuries, vaccinations, flu, allergies, chest pain, and UTI.

If an immediate medical problem occurs and affects your wellbeing, visit our walk-in clinic as soon as possible.  We are consistently available and no appointments are required.