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Work Injuries West Hills

If you’re an employee working in a high risk environment, it is likely that you may experience an injury while on the job.  For most employers, workers compensation is required to support employees who have sustained a work-related injury.

There are various injuries that can be compensated to help employees retain wages and benefits.  Injuries that fall under workers’ comp are connected to an employment requirement or policy.  One example includes an employee who has sustained lung cancer from second-hand smoke at a restaurant that allows smoking.

To define what constitutes a work-related injury, you have to consider whether the injury occurred while you were performing an activity for your employer or during the hours of employment.  Most injuries classified as work-related include ones that occur in the work environment, some can occur in other locations if the employee was performing a work-related activity.

In some cases, an injury can be considered work-related even if it didn’t occur during the work process, this can include injuries sustained during a lunch break on employer grounds.  Mental injuries can also be covered if they have proven to be worsened during the course of employment.

At West Hills Urgent Care, we can help you evaluate what injury can be compensated from your employer and provide treatments.  The fees from these treatments can be covered by your employer if it is concluded that they fall under workers’ compensation.