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Sports Injuries West Hills

Injuries resulting in sporting activities can be among the most serious ones that affect your life. Numerous athletes experience long-term repercussion from injuries sustained from sporting events.  At West Hills Urgent Care, we provide prompt treatments for injuries incurred during sporting-related activities.

Frequently, injuries occur to athletes who have trained excessively or improperly, not wearing the correct equipment, or experienced rapid physical growth.  Acute traumatic injuries cover fractures, sprains, concussions, strains, and cuts.  They can result from a physical collision, this includes a football tackle or fall.

Overuse injuries include stress fractures and tendonitis.  They are known as “chronic injuries” because they result from repetitive activities such as running or throwing.  They might not appear to be serious initially, but overuse injuries can be serious.  Without proper treatment, overuse injuries can worsen.

If you have experienced a sports injury, however minor, stop the activity immediately.  Contact a coach or your doctor to evaluate your condition.  You should especially contact a doctor if the pain is bad, the injured area is swollen, movement is difficult, or the pain extends over a period of time.