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Hormone Therapy West Hills

Hormones are produced by a gland in the body and gets distributed through your blood stream. Sex hormones are generally categorized into estrogen for females or testosterone for males. Testosterone being created in the testes and estrogen in the ovaries. Both women and men produce a small amount of estrogen and testosterone. When males are born they are given a strong form of testosterone which forms the penis and testicles. Without this the body will form a female reproductive system and body features.

The goal of hormone therapy is to make the person feel more comfortable, mentally and physically with themselves. One may be feeling discomfort in their appearance or features. Either in your gender role or appearance – sometimes both – are disrupting how your inner self feels. If you are feeling this, hormone treatment may be the answer for you.

 In addition to hormones, one might also be given hormone blockers, which interrupts the bodies hormone production. The process is different with each patient and we pride ourselves in handling each case without bias. Our doctors are knowledgable in the treatment plans and will work to find the best method for you.

Please contact us for more information about hormone treatment, or also called “cross-sex” therapy. We are here to answer any questions you may have.