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Flu Shots West Hills

One of the most common respiratory symptoms, influenza can affect the entire body and remain prominent for a long period of time.  Influenza is responsible for epidemics each winter and can cause hospitalization or even death.  West Hills Urgent Care provides services to diagnose and resolve cases of the flu, our clinic is available on a walk-in basis.

Flu symptoms are accompanied by fever, cough, sore throat, chills, headaches, and fatigue.  Vomiting and diarrhea can also appear concurrently with the flu.  People generally recover from this condition after a couple of weeks, but there are some serious complications which can cause pneumonia.  These affect elderly and people affected by chronic health problems the most.

At West Hills Urgent Care, we provide flu vaccines for those infected or are at a risk of being infected by influenza.  Vaccines cause minimal side effects except for patients with specific allergies such as eggs, since the vaccine is produced from chicken eggs.  For patients who have experienced multiple flu shots in the past, vaccine side effects are less likely to occur.

It is recommended for patients to receive annual flu shots because the infection can circulate through populations.  The virus itself is consistently mutating and new strains appear.  Each vaccine produced annually is updated to account for new forms of the virus.  Antibody response to vaccines tends to decline as well, which makes it important to receive these flu shots on a seasonal basis.