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Cough and Cold West Hills

Coughs and colds are common symptoms of an upper respiratory tract infection.  This is a frequent cause of doctor visits and results from viral infections.  The viruses are concentrated in the nasal area and are easily transmitted through sneezes and coughs.

Although some adults use antibiotics to treat their condition, they are not effective and can exacerbate the problem.  Most common cold cases are treated based on the specific symptoms experienced.  Complementary medications such as vapor rubs can reduce the severity of coughs and allow patients to restore a quality sleep.

In cases of congestion, nasal irrigation can alleviate sore throat symptoms and improve breathing through the nose.  Acetylcysteine, a formula used in certain medications, has proven to decrease the severity of coughs in a week after application.

Dextromethorphan, anticholinergics, and guaifenesin can be orally inhaled to treat coughs from common colds.  The formula has proven to decrease rhinorrhea and the frequency of sneezing.    Decongestents with antihistamines have also been shown to provide temporary relief for cold symptoms.  They decrease nasal edema to improve air flow and lessen the severity of coughs and congestion.

Coughs and colds can be provided by regular hygienic practices.  Wash your hands frequently and prevent any transmission to other people.  Soap is effective in limiting the spread of infections.  For more information about managing and prevent coughs and colds, visit the walk-in clinic at West Hills Urgent Care.