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Chest Pain West Hills

Chest pain can be caused by any trauma that involves rib fracture, contusion, or muscle strain.  Minor injuries or trauma may result in delayed chest pain, which occurs after a day or two.  Cardiac pain may occur may become a concern in this scenario.   West Hills Urgent Care is focused on treating chest pain in the most prompt, effective, and sincere manner.

Chest pain is largely localized and originates from sharp pain or soreness in a certain area.  The problem can be magnified with physical contact and breathing.

In evaluating chest pain, the doctor will look at your complete medical history and perform a physical examination.  An x-ray of the chest may be necessary to fully diagnose the situation.

Treating chest pain depends on the cause of the problem.  Evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment can be completed in a single visit.  Medications, surgery, minor procedures, are considered in treating chest pain.

Heart-related treatments include medications, nitroglycerin, artery relaxers, clot-busting drugs, and blood thinners.  Some cases of chest pain are caused by blocked arteries, in this case cardiac catheterization can be performed to open them.  The arteries can be surgically repaired when cardiac catheterization is not an option.

Additional treatments include lung-reinflation, antacids, or anti-anxiety medications.  Lung re-inflation repairs a collapsed lung, which is a frequent cause of chest pain.  Antacids prevent acid reflux or heartburn symptoms.  Some chest pain results from panic attacks, anti-anxiety medications are useful in preventing them.