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Aetna Urgent Care West Hills

Aetna West Hills

West Hills Urgent Care aims to treat immediate medical concerns while helping you save on medical care costs.  Our expansive financing policy ensures numerous patients are eligible to receive our care.  We accept a variety of insurance plans, one of them includes Aetna.

Aetna optimizes the medical care of patients by providing long-lasting benefits.  If you’re covered by Aetna, you will be provided with resources that will help you manage your health expenses.  Other amenities include 24-hour customer service, disease prevention programs, and access to the most advanced hospitals for serious emergencies.

The Aetna Planshopper enables you to shop for additional plans that cover your individual needs.  You can find complementary plans that offer 24-hour emergency health lines, health records on your mobile devices, and tracked medical care history.

Regardless of whether you are an Aetna patient or have another form of coverage, West Hills Urgent Care is dedicated to providing complete medical care.

If you have experienced an urgent medical condition, you can find our walk-in clinic for prompt treatment.  No appointments are necessary.