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Creating an Advanced
Environment for Urgent Care

West Hills Urgent Care utilizes the highest standards in the field to create an innovative and complete medical care experience.

Our Services

Sports Injuries

Our experienced doctors treat injuries sustained from sporting events or physical activities.

Flu Virus

We provide comprehensive exams to diagnose and treat various flu strains resulting from viral infections.

Sore Throat

We create a specialized environment for sore throat cases and provide screenings as well as recommended treatments.

Chest Pain

Our treatment rooms are equipped to provide x-rays that diagnose chest pain and provide the necessary solutions.

Urgent Care West Hills

Maintaining a Firm Commitment To Exceptional Urgent Care. West Hills Urgent Care is dedicated to building an environment that is specialized, equipped, and immediately ready to deliver high quality urgent care.

Hormone Therapy

Cough and Cold

Flu Shots

Sore Throat

Tetanus Shot

Hormone Therapy West Hills

Hormones are produced by a gland in the body and gets distributed through your blood stream. Sex hormones are generally categorized into estrogen for females or testosterone for males. Testosterone being created in the testes and estrogen…

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Cough and Cold West Hills

Coughs and colds are common symptoms of an upper respiratory tract infection.  This is a frequent cause of doctor visits and results from viral infections.  The viruses are concentrated in the nasal area and are easily transmitted…

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Flu Shots West Hills

One of the most common respiratory symptoms, influenza can affect the entire body and remain prominent for a long period of time.  Influenza is responsible for epidemics each winter and can cause hospitalization or even death.  West…

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Sore Throat West Hills

A sore throat is an inflammation of the pharynx and tonsils.  The pharynx is located behind the mouth and acts as a passage for food and air.  The tonsils are found on the base of the tongue…

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Tetanus Shot West Hills

Tetanus is also known as ‘lockjaw’ and it is a bacterial infection of the nervous system.  When a patient experiences tetanus, their oral functions become impaired.  This can result in difficulty opening their mouths or swallowing.  During…

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